Integrative Medicine


What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is a healing-oriented practice that focuses on the whole person.  It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between the patient and the provider and makes use of all therapeutic approaches, both conventional and complementary to achieve optimal health and healing.

What types of treatments do you use?

My expertise in traditional medicine is combined with specialized knowledge in the fields of nutrition, herbal medicine, mind-body medicine, and environmental medicine.

What types of patients do you see?

I care for many, many children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. I also see children with medical conditions ranging from asthma and eczema to migraine headaches, digestive disorders, and frequent colds and ear infections. I also meet with families to counsel them about general health and wellness. For more information please go to: Who should come?

What is your training?

After completing a residency in general pediatrics, I practiced as a pediatrician for ten years. In addition to this traditional medical training, I have completed a two-year fellowship program in Integrative Medicine. For more information please go to: Dr. Weinberg.

Why do you not accept insurance?

It is not that I am unwilling to accept insurance, it is that insurance is unwilling to accept me. In other words, the local insurance companies do not recognize Integrative Medicine as a specialty. Therefore, your insurance policy will not pay for your child’s visit with me. For more information please go to : Office Fees.