Read what Dr. Andrew Weil and others have to say about Dr. Weinberg and her integrative medicine approach....

Praised by Dr.

Andrew Weil:

“Dr. Weinberg has received the best training available in integrative medicine,” stated Dr. Andrew Weil.  “I consider her fully prepared to go out in the world and help transform the practice of medicine and healthcare.”

Read what parents are saying:

“Thank you for the time you spent with my husband and me discussing our son.  We were successful that day and the days that followed in finding many of the foods and supplements you had mentioned and have been able to begin using them.  You can see your encouragement has meant a lot already.

“I wanted to tell you that (my three-year-old son) was re-evaluated to assess his need for OT services on Wednesday. He scored "no delay" and even completed some tasks at a 6 year old level. Needless to say his OT services are going to be dropped! Remember last April these services were increased because he was still moderately delayed! I am so thrilled and I know his health has been the difference. Thank you so much.

“Thanks for your wisdom. I always appreciate it.  (My daughter) has made tremendous strides since we first consulted with you and I firmly believe what you taught me has made a difference for her as she has turned into a much happier, more responsive, and delightful girl.”

“I enjoyed our conversation. It is refreshing t0 speak with a doctor that believes in natural solutions to health problems. A change in lifestyle that includes improved diet and exercise habits is a safer and more conservative approach than taking prescription medicines that may have side-effects. I appreciate your time and advice.”