Your Child’s

Office Visit


Working together with patients and their families:

I work as a consultant doctor. Your child will still need a pediatrician.  Before coming to see me you will be asked to fill out a detailed health history form.  After the visit, both you and your child’s doctor will receive a detailed treatment plan.  Your child will need to return for at least one follow-up visit.  Most children continue these return visits on a regular schedule, though some children will only require further visits on an as-needed basis.

Please bring to the first visit:

  1. Patient Health Questionaire and Medical Forms (see below)

  2. A recent picture of your child to be kept in his/her chart

  3. Recent medical testing (laboratory testing, developmental evaluations)

  4. Any supplements your child is currently taking

  5. Growth chart and immunization record

Please print out these forms:

Click here to
download Patient
Health QuestionnaireYour_first_visit_files/patient%20health%20questionnaire.doc

    Click here               to download Patient Medical Forms